Tusker Pharma - Your Gateway to affordable essential medicines

Towards a strengthened global partnership to improve access to affordable essential medicines pan INDIA, Asia and Africa

Tusker Pharma under b2b business www.tuskercart.com aims to be India’s largest, most affordable Generic Drugs, Health Care & Wellness Products Super E-Store in the E commerce market place. The model proposes to offer lifesaving medicines, personal care products & life style products @ very low cost of the comparative branded - products available in India at present to enable Wellness to ALL.

The company has capacities in 19 manufacturing facilities across India in Pharma, Condoms, Wellness, Personal care, Nutraceuticals and Ortho care verticals and aims to be the supply base for entire India and Africa. The company has its registered offices in Indian and offices in East & South African regions. Our core competence is our will to deliver high quality medicine affordably on time. We manufacture tablets, capsules, syrups, cosmetics, diagnostics and condoms. Our facilities have been approved by WHO, Asian, African, European and South American regulatory bodies.

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